Clean and Simple

It’s been awhile since I posted about a work project, but I am excited to announce the launch of the brand-new! This project was a long time in the making – planning started in August of 2015, and we launched right on schedule on March 14.

What started as a simple redesign eventually came to incorporate all new content strategy and access to a whole suite of logged-in resources and tools for Spartan distributors and employees. The new site is built on EPiServer, one of the cleanest and most developer-friendly CMSes I’ve ever used. EPiServer allows personalization by user group, so your experience is customized to who you are so you get the tools and content that are most relevant to your needs.


Spartan has ready-to-implement programs for many different facilities and industries, including extensive training material, but on the previous site most of this information was locked in PDFs and behind logins. The Spartan and Hanson teams worked together to expand the content on the site and illustrate why a business would choose Spartan over the competition.


The new site brings together content from Spartan’s product management system, documents and imagery from their distributor portal, videos from Vimeo, and content from Instagram and Spartan’s other social properties.


On the technical side, the new site has some neat features. I got to use Flexbox extensively for bulletproof responsive grids and tables (with some good old-fashioned JavaScript as a fallback). The site is fully responsive, with some truly beautiful layout changes as you scale up and down. We were able to add some really neat details, such as the animation when using the header search.

menu animation

As always, a project this size involves a big team. My Hanson coworkers Amy Frye and Ron Shrewsbery led the team and project managed, Scott Deca did the design, and Spencer Crissman was the lead engineer. Thanks to everyone at Hanson and Spartan that helped make this project a huge success, and congrats to Spartan on their beautiful new site!

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