My name is Dave. I’m a front-end developer, birder, traveler, photographer, and amateur cook. I live in Toledo, Ohio and I’m Director of Front-End Development at Hanson Inc.

I have strongly-held opinions about many things. If I express any of those here, they’re mine and not a reflection of my employer, blah blah. I mostly just post photos of birds, though.

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  • Winter Rarities

    Winter Rarities

    I’ve had a good run of winter birding since December, with a couple of new birds for my life list and several more that I did not expect to see this time of the year. Here are some of the … Continued

  • Project BirdMap: All The Nerdy Details

    This (long-delayed; sorry, it’s 2020!) final post in my series about Project BirdMap goes into detail about getting the data, processing it, and using it to build the map. Fair warning: from this point, it’s less birdy and more nerdy. … Continued

  • Building Project BirdMap

    Building Project BirdMap

    Last time, I shared how my growing interest in birdwatching led me to eBird, an incredible scientific community that’s collecting hundreds of millions of bird sightings and being used to map migration patterns, population trends, and much more. eBird has … Continued

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