It’s time to!

We recently launched a very cool site for a local client, Twine is a portable photo booth and a matching suite of apps that let everyone at a party, wedding, or other event post and share photos. They asked us to redesign the site before a big trade show, the timing of which gave us less than two weeks to go from concept to live site.


Sometimes a short deadline is what you need to get creative. The Hanson team put together a parallax scrolling site with extensive animation, tying into the video campaign created by fellow Toledo firm, Madhouse. We also did some cool custom galleries¬†integrating Twine’s custom API.

I got to play around with Superscrollorama and the GreenSock Animation Platform for the parallax and animation effects. The booth build animation is done with our custom fork of jsMovie. There’s also CSS animation with SVG elements and CSS image filters. The excellent LESS Prefixer library helped keep me from going insane during this whole process.

Huge props to Erik Porter, Mike Louviere, Rod Kinn, Matthew Hanson, Jason Pennington and the whole Hanson team for a job well done.

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