I’ve always been interested in stately homes, and since we bought our house my interest has only increased. I love seeing elaborate decor and thinking about how I could do the same thing (on a smaller scale) in our own house. Without the budget of an industrial tycoon, I can’t do everything I want at once, but having future plans makes the “March 2043” payoff date on our mortgage statements a little easier to swallow.

The photo below is from Toledo’s own manor home, formerly called Stranleigh and now less poetically known as “The Manor House at Wildwood Metropark”. Michelle and I went on a visited in January for a tour. We saw all the public areas of the home, including this very pink master bedroom.

Due to a battery charger mishap I was only able to take a handful of photos, but we’re headed back this weekend for a behind-the-scenes tour. I’m excited to see the parts of the house that are normally off limits, including the servants’ areas and the guest bedrooms, and I’m sure many more photos will make their way to Flickr.

Master Bedroom, Wildwood Manor House
8mm, 1/60 sec at f/7.1 – HDR from 3 exposures
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