One of my favorite places in San Diego was Ocean Beach. In the 60s, the city built a giant pier out over the ocean so people would have a place to fish. They were still fishing when we got there, all men, some of whom appeared to be homeless and fishing to eat, and others just having a good time. We watched two men reel in a dazzlingly blue frilled fish called a “rock cod”. Seagulls were drawn to the pier as well, probably waiting to snatch some fish guts.

Ocean Beach from the Pier

Ocean Beach from the Pier

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So yeah, maybe I got a little excited about the #JurassicWorld trailer :­)


I found an abandoned tab from earlier today with a single word in the address bar: “scrool”. I don’t know what I was looking for, but I’m sure it was important.

San Diego Zoo is big. Maybe not the largest zoo we’ve been to in terms of physical size, but definitely in “animals-per-hectare” (my new metric for this sort of thing). I flagged 111 photos to process, and it was taking me so long I decided to take a break and move on to other sets. Here are a few photos from the first ~1/3 of the day.

Koalas, San Diego Zoo

Koalas ⤴

San Diego Zoo has a huge, repeat, huge colony of koalas. I was unprepared for just how many they were. This was our first stop of the morning and the light was beautiful. The sun gave them some wonderful edge lighting. I think the koalas have recently given birth, so as of April the exhibit is probably crawling with babies.

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Sunset Cliffs

Back in January, Michelle and I spent a week in San Diego with my good friend Pat and his wife, Amanda. We had a great time enjoying the warm weather in January, taking in the sights, and eating lots of amazing food. These photos are from Sunset Cliffs, a city park on the Pacific ocean. We watched the surfers at sunset, and even saw what I’m told were whales spouting!

Surfer in Silhouette

Surfer at Sunset Cliffs

I’m working through my many photos from the trip, so there should be more updates soon, starting with the world-famous San Diego Zoo.