IE dev channel fail

I was all excited about the IE development channel browser, downloaded the (150 MB!) installer and saw this…


I appreciate what the IE team is trying to do, but don’t assume web developers are, or want to be, Windows developers. At least they should have been up front about the fact that other software is required, and what it’s used for.

2 Responses to “IE dev channel fail”

  1. David Storey

    The prerequisites are listed in the FAQ:

    The site itself could make this clearer too, but I suspect most people won’t read body copy.

  2. dave

    That is correct, but the FAQ is buried. A little message before I downloaded the installer would have been appreciated, and the FAQ doesn’t address *why* a browser needs PowerTools and the .NET framework.

    I’d also like to point out that Chrome Canary and Firefox Aurora don’t have separate dependencies you have to install.

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