San Diego Zoo, Part 2

Here are a few more pictures from the San Diego Zoo. It was such a big park — we spent an entire day there and I took almost 500 pictures — so there will be a part 3 later.


Jaguar ⤴

I snapped these in a hurry and honestly didn’t expect anything to turn out. The light wasn’t great, but I really liked how the jaguar was partially hidden by the log. It looks almost like it’s stalking its prey.

Lorikeet, San Diego Zoo

Lorikeet ⤴

The zoo has two great rainforest aviaries built into the side of a steep hill. You can see them from far away and they look exotic, like something from Jurassic Park! This was inside the Scripps Aviary. These lorikeets were so bright that the feathers were just an oversatured blob in the RAW file. After I toned down the red in Lightroom, the details really came out.

Cock-of-the-Rock, San Diego Zoo

Cock-of-the-Rock ⤴

This unusual South American bird was photographed inside the Parker Aviary. The big crest of feathers completely covers its beak; I have no idea how it eats! The position of its eye makes it look like a cyclops.

Baby Orangutan

Baby Orangutan ⤴

The orangutan exhibit was very well done with huge, plate-glass windows that put you right next to the animals. This baby was having a great time, swinging from rope to rope.

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