Toledo’s Highways as a Subway Map

I’ve always had this dumb idea that Toledo needs a subway system. Not because I want to ride it, or I think it’s a good idea for Toledo economically, but so I can draw a map of it. I’ve actually tried a couple of times, but the idea is so remote and absurd that it’s hard to know where to start.

Yesterday while driving back from lunch with a friend, I started thinking about the exits on I-475. I thought, those are kind of like subway stops, and it got me to thinking about the subway project again. So here it is.

Click on the map to view the full version

It’s probably of very little value, but I had a lot of fun doing it and I learned some new Illustrator skills. Big thanks to Cameron Booth for inspiration, and for the Illustrator tutorials.

2 Responses to “Toledo’s Highways as a Subway Map”

  1. MDE427

    Great job …. love it! I have always wished Toledo had a subway or El system!

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