These were all taken in early 2013 at the Toledo Museum of Art. Wide angle and HDR showcase the museum’s amazing architecture.

Toledo Museum of Art Classic Court
8mm, f/11, HDR from 3 images
Toledo Museum of Art Great Gallery Piano
16mm, f/8, HDR from 3 images
Classic Court Mosaic and Bench
8mm, f/5, HDR from 3 images

I’ve always been interested in stately homes, and since we bought our house my interest has only increased. I love seeing elaborate decor and thinking about how I could do the same thing (on a smaller scale) in our own house. Without the budget of an industrial tycoon, I can’t do everything I want at once, but having future plans makes the “March 2043” payoff date on our mortgage statements a little easier to swallow.

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Meet Viktor and Talya, the Toledo Zoo’s new tiger cubs. They were born in September and put on exhibit early this year. Last weekend, Michelle and I finally got over to the zoo to see them. The zoo is great this time of year – the animals are more active in the cold then they are in the summer, and there are hardly any people there.

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On Saturday, John and I went to shoot pictures for a freelance job and then went up to North Toledo to walk around and take some pictures.

Approximately 15 seconds into the walk, my camera died, so I borrowed John’s Canon 30D. I’ve used this camera before, but this was the first time I had taken it for an entire outing.

The lens John had on the 30D was a 16-35mm wide angle job. I think he may have had other lenses in his bag, but it was extremely cold and I didn’t want to stop and change them out, especially not knowing what the hell I was doing.In hindsight, this particular lens probably wasn’t the best suited to landscape photography. We shot a lot of buildings, and while I was able to get them entirely in frame from only a few feet away, I was surprised by how much barrel distortion I got.

We walked up and down Sylvania Avenue, checked out a couple of thrift stores and antique shops, and then headed to the north end of downtown to photograph squalor.

All in all it was a pretty successful afternoon. I got some more practice with the DSLR, got a little exercise, and capped it off with a trip to White Castle.

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